The good quality-price ratio


Today, comfort and saved time is valued increasingly. Every day, maintaining a solid (firewood) fuel heating system boiler, you can employ an automated plant - granular (biofuel) burner. Having acquired a burner, you will no longer have to struggle with starting the fire and removing ash one or several times a day, ask your neighbour for help when you want to go out for a few days, as it will be enough to come to the boiler-house and fill the fuel tank with pellets once a week. Also you will not need huge investment and much time to fundamentally change the boiler-house, just your existing solid or liquid fuel boiler (usually through the front door) will be equipped with a built-in burner, which will do most of the stoker work. The burner can be installed in winter during cold weather, as there is no need to discharge water from the system, and the whole work takes only 2-3 hours. We are not the only ones offering to purchase the burners but it helps to be more flexible adapting to each existing boiler individually (when producing batches for differently sized pellets or granule conveyors), which allows us to always have spare parts and components, and this is an advantage over others during the warranty and post-warranty service.


Additional information:
Electricity consumption of burners “Ekoterm” is about 60 W per hour.
Furnace of burner “Ekoterm” is made of 5 mm heat-resistant stainless steel, which ensures the durability of the burner.
Maintenance of “Ekoterm” burner includes cleaning of burner, removing of ash and filling of the fuel tank with pellets once a week (overall it takes about 10 min.).
Burners “Ekoterm” are provided with a 2 years warranty.
During the heating season, for the heating of 150 m2 house and preparation of hot water 5-6 tons of pellets are needed .

(Depends on the heated area, according to which the output is selected)
Heated area, m2
Burner model; max power, kW
Power adjustment range, kW
Price for export (netto), EUR
(FOB Kaunas, Lithuania)
Up to 250
Ekoterm 25
7 - 25
910 EUR
250 - 400
Ekoterm 35
8 - 35
940 EUR
400 - 600
Ekoterm 50
12 - 50
1160 EUR
600 - 1000
Ekoterm 100
30 - 100
2150 EUR
1000 - 1500
Ekoterm 150
45 - 150
2650 EUR

 For high-power burners (up to 1000 kW) contact by tel.: +370 661 30460